Spare parts management

Important parts readily available

It is the aim of our spare parts management to provide the relevant spare parts in the required quantity and quality at your site in a timely manner.

We try our best to furnish you quickly and reliably with spare parts in each phase of the machine life cycle and ensure their continuous availability. Based on our flexible modules, we furthermore elaborate a concept together with you showing how you always have important parts at hand and even save money because the availability of the parts determines the availability of your line and thus the overall equipment effectiveness.

We consider it our task to support you in this respect and to strike the right balance between high spare parts availability and low stocks, based upon your reliability requirements.

Spare part logistics
  • approx. 20,000 spare parts are held on stock at the headquarters in Ilshofen. Important spare parts are available worldwide in our branches and subsidiaries
  • Take advantage of the quality of our original parts giving you the expected reliability
  • More than 40 qualified customer support specialists help you with order processing and give you advice in all aspects
  • Express dispatch is possible within one day
  • We shall be pleased to make individual logistics agreements with you for even quicker order processing and an uncomplicated handling of returns & repairs
  • You receive all documents you require together with the spare part

Spare Part Request

Searching made easy!

Apart from the instruction manual and the wiring diagram, the individual and interactive spare part catalog is at your disposal for spare part identification.
With its understandable graphics, this catalog makes it easier for you to filter the relevant information and trigger an order.

Your benefits
  • Easy identification of spare parts with search function
  • High user friendliness with interactive modules
  • Easy triggering of an order

We analyze your requirements

There is more to the B+S spare part package than just the selection of spare parts. It is our goal to achieve the highest possible production reliability and machine/line availability due to the preparation of an individual spare parts concept and thus support you with your long-term planning. Together with your maintenance management team, the B+S spare part experts conceive the appropriate spare part package, i.e. for all machine components, be it the electronic, the mechanical or the software part.

Your benefits
  • Maximum transparency is obtained by the complete evaluation of the bill of materials of your line and additional information provided
  • Spare part packages tailor-made to your inquiry ensuring a higher line availability and more planning reliability
  • Spare part workshop and advice create enhanced understanding of the machines
  • Cost reduction as a result of optimized spare part stocks, considering the Supply Chain
  • B+S original parts ensure highest operational reliability
This concept determines which parts should be stocked, depending on the failure risk of a component, the severity of such a failure and the possibility of monitoring.
Download brochure "Spare Parts Concept" (1,2 MB)
Maximizing reliability, minimizing risks
Whenever new machines are built, they are usually subjected to an FME(C)A Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis.

To assess the risks related to individual components and their effects, we offer component FMECA. It provides valuable information for developing storage and maintenance strategies.

Your benefits
  • Exact risk assessment, and compliance with applicable standards
  • Increased reliability of your production line
  • Early detection of potential risks, saving costs
  • FMECA based on DIN EN 60812:2006

The planned lifetime is not enough!

Our maintenance concept includes various components and aims at maintaining the functioning and the monetary value of your machines. Moreover, it brings down your maintenance costs and increases machine availability. Based on your needs and the technical possibilities, we offer you a number of options for optimizing your maintenance strategy.

Our maintenance concept includes the following modules:
Graphic maintanance Concept
Your benefits
  • Increased availability and planning reliability
  • Full transparency and cost control
  • Consequential damage and costly repairs are prevented
  • No worries: our project coordinator is your dedicated contact person

Always up to date!

Bausch+Ströbel informs customers proactively when critical parts are discontinued. In addition, you can have your machines and lines thoroughly analyzed and updated regularly by our spare parts management. We offer you a table of all parts including their condition, availability and the stock at B+S. Discontinued parts are identified and documented. The table is regularly updated and helps you maintain the availability of your line.

Your benefits
  • Full transparency
  • Preventive measures can be initiated at an early stage
  • Streamlined stock of spares at your site
  • Easier decision-making: overhauling vs. new machine