Equipment effectiveness – OEE

Advanced OEE Support

Advanced OEE support optimizes your equipment and the related processes sustainably and thus maintains and increases your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Our experts supervise your equipment in the long run, offering advice and analyses, implementing measures and following up the implemented measures.
  • We assess new equipment prospectively and existing equipment retrospectively
  • We apply different methods to acquire data and assess machines regardless of their age
  • We tailor our OEE support to your requirements by selecting and adapting individual OEE service modules
OEE Support
OEE warm-up introduces our customers to advanced OEE support. We discuss and compare ideas and concepts with you and present our range of OEE services.
Following up projects directly after the SAT
The first step into OEE support is made during the ramp-up phase, where we identify obvious deficiencies and weaknesses in an initial process assessment. This module marks the beginning of our long-term support, even before production begins.
Evaluating the machine history and preparing further steps
We identify and schedule the tasks and available resources, customize OEE tools and complete preliminary analyses.
Training of staff participating in the OEE process
Our training conveys basic knowledge and describes the individual tasks of each group involved, and how to execute the tasks correctly. The customer is enabled to use the OEE tools independently in the future.
Measuring and evaluating the OEE value
We calculate the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The OEE value uncovers any effectiveness losses by matching the actual effectiveness with the ideal effectiveness of the equipment. It reveals the impact of downtimes, minor stoppages, empty transport positions, reduced speed or rejects.
Identifying and analyzing the causes of effectiveness losses
Our experienced experts record and document incidents with an impact on the effectiveness. After thorough analysis of the incidents, teams of experts work out targeted optimization measures to minimize the losses sustainably. Deficiencies are often detected and can be addressed at an early stage already.
Organizing and scheduling projects
Our project management takes care of project preparation, supervision and control, and oversees the individual project steps.

OEE value calculation