Digital Engineering

Efficient and intelligent line development

Digital Engineering enables the engineers at Bausch+Ströbel to take a systematic, interdisciplinary and intelligent approach to product development and line design. For example, it greatly simplifies and speeds up communication between the customer and the B+S experts working together in interdisciplinary project teams (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development).

Several years ago, Bausch+Ströbel added yet another tool to its Digital Engineering kit when it established its own mobile Virtual Reality Center. The VR Center allows machines and lines to be experienced at an early stage of their development.

Another crucial tool is virtual concept validation through the simulation of Bausch+Ströbel machines. For example, flow simulations (CFD) can be implemented in the early stages of a project already.

Bausch+Ströbel is continuously improving its Digital Engineering methods and tools.
Digital Engineering

Flow-optimized machine design thanks to early simulation (CFD)

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) allows air flow conditions to be simulated on the virtual machine through the use of numerical computation methods. This, in turn, allows the machine operating area to be analyzed for potential problems as early as the product development process. Costly modifications at a later stage are avoided.

Scientifically proven, sophisticated methods are employed to ensure the plausibility of the generated data.

  • Enhanced machine design
  • Optimized positioning of particle monitoring systems and biomonitoring equipment
  • No more need for modifications during the machine start-up phase
  • Identification of critical areas

Virtual Reality (VR) for fast decision-making

The use of Virtual Reality ensures fast, efficient and reliable project implementation. Stereoscopic visualization in full-scale Virtual Reality offers the possibility of navigating through the machine/line. Interaction with the virtual machine is enhanced by integrating actual physical components in the set-up.

  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced machine awareness
  • Time savings thanks to timely decision-making
  • Cost savings thanks to timely fault localization
  • Ideal tool for effective cross-disciplinary teamwork
Virtual Reality

Accessibility and ergonomics studies on a virtual model

VR Mockup offers a standardized tool for ergonomic testing on the virtual machine. Test results are validated using a physical mockup frame. The VR Mockup can totally replace or complement a conventional wooden or cardboard mockup.

  • Objective ergonomic analysis
  • Reproducible action and result
  • Detailed representation of the virtual machine
Virtual Reality Mockup

Enhanced understanding of the machine, even for non-specialists

The Design Review during the last third of the design phase is aided by VR technology. The stereoscopic machine representation allows the Design Review to be implemented more simply and efficiently and contributes to a very good level of machine awareness. The VR Mockup can also be carried out in conjunction with the VR Design Review.

  • Fast and efficient implementation
  • Straightforward explanation of processes
Virtual Reality Design Review

Risk analysis aided by VR technology

VR-aided FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) promotes a better understanding of results. The VR FMEA is implemented during the last third of the design phase.

  • Detailed virtual 3D representation as a basis
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced machine and process awareness

Training for operators and maintenance staff

Training can be carried out on the virtual machine during the last phase of the product development process. Thanks to the stereoscopic machine representation, training is highly realistic - even without the physical machine.

  • Early introduction of operators to future tasks
  • Minimal need for training on the actual machine
  • Motivation of participants through the use of innovative training methods
  • Visualization of processes not visible on the actual machine
Virtual Realitiy Training