Excellence United

The Community of Experts

Excellence United is a strategic alliance of five family owned, German based companies who are all market leaders in manufacturing equipment used for the production of pharmaceutical products.

Through this alliance, Bausch + Ströbel, Fette Compacting, Glatt, Harro Höfliger, and Uhlmann, have pooled their expertise to deliver top-quality, technologically advanced solutions spanning the entire value chain for the production of medical goods and pharmaceuticals.

The alliance also operates a large-scale network with more than 600 service professionals worldwide which offers customers in every market a comprehensive portfolio of services.
Fette Compacting
Fette Compacting is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for industrial tablet production. The product portfolio offered by the technological and global market leader has been supplemented to include highly-efficient capsule filling machines. The company specializes in high-performance machines for the pharmaceutical industry. Its range of products and services comprises tablet presses and capsule filling machines, tools and processing equipment, as well as maintenance, training and consultation services.
Fette Compacting is part of the LMT Group
Fette Compacting GmbH
Grabauer Str. 24
21493 Schwarzenbek

Phone + 49 (0) 41 51 12-0
Fax +49 (0) 4151 83 33 71

E-Mail: tablet@fette-compacting.com
Logo Glatt
The Glatt Group has specialized in the handling and processing of powdery solids for the pharmaceutical, fine-chemical and food processing industries for more than 50 years. The core technology is the fluidized-bed method for granulation and drying, pelletization and coating of solids. The Glatt Group also offers laboratory, pilot and production equipment for batch or continuous processes, product and process development and product handling for contract manufacturing.
Glatt GmbH
Werner-Glatt-Str. 1
79589 Binzen

Phone +49 (0)7621 664-0
Fax +49 (0)7621 64723

E-Mail: info@glatt.com
Logo Höfliger
Harro Höfliger
Harro Höfliger offers various technology platforms for customer-specific projects and turnkey system solutions. 100 % customer orientation in connection with high innovative strength has resulted in this company gaining a leading position on the market. Many product segments are available due to a comprehensive portfolio: Inhalation, Injection, TTS / Wound Care / Oral Film, Diagnostics, Eye Care, Medical Devices, Pharma Solids & Liquids, Consumer Goods, E-Mobility etc.
Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
Helmholtzstraße 4
71573 Allmersbach im Tal

Phone +49 (0)7191 501-0
Fax +49 (0)7191 501-244

E-Mail: info@hoefliger.com
Logo Uhlmann
Uhlmann Pac-Systeme
Uhlmann Pac-Systems GmbH & Co. KG – the supplier of complete packaging solutions and expert for blister handling, cartoning and end packaging machines offers fully-developed technology for the entire pharmaceutical packaging process. A range of tablet counting and filling machines has recently been included in the portfolio. A complete range of services extends and supports the customer during pharmaceutical production.
Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Uhlmannstrasse 14-18
88471 Laupheim

Phone +49 (0)7392 702-0
Fax +49 (0)7392 18972

E-Mail: info@uhlmann.de